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Papua Working Group: Challenges and Opportunities for Papuan Women from Their Own Perspective

  • Oleh Dhina
  • / 23 Juni 2017


Asia Justice and Rights (AJAR)


participatory approach
partiipatory action research

Asia Justice and Rights (AJAR), in collaboration with five Papuan women’s organisations and supported by the MAMPU Program, facilitated the establishment of a Papua Working Group (PWG) to inform programming through a better understanding of the experiences and needs of poor women in Papua and West Papua. This report captures the key findings from a participatory action research project, conducted over a period of six months, involving 87 marginalized indigenous women from Papua. The research is qualitative inquiry, using participatory tools to document the experiences and voices of Papuan women who are seldom heard. It creates a process for “listening-in” to women who are speaking candidly about their own lives. Key themes were documented and reflected upon by members of the working group and other experts.

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