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Invitation to Expression of Interest (EoI): Support for MAMPU Sustainability Pathways

Closing Date
20 Juli 2018

The Australia – Indonesia Partnership for Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment (MAMPU) is a program funded by the Government of Australia that works in close collaboration with the Government of Indonesia’s National Planning Agency (BAPPENAS). The MAMPU Program supports networks and coalitions of women’s and gender-interested organizations (the MAMPU partners), and parliamentarians to influence government policies, regulations and services. Ultimately, this work aims to improve the access of poor women in Indonesia to critical services and programs as a pathway to achieving gender equality and women’s empowerment. The program is now in its 6th year of an 8-year program cycle, due for completion in mid-2020. 
The program has developed a framework for sustainability beyond 2020. Building on a number of previous initiatives around support to MAMPU partners in developing sustainability plans, MAMPU wishes to move forward with assistance to implement the plans within a broader framework. The support will include advice to the program team and to facilitate linkages with other third parties capacity providers; and direct support to MAMPU partners in implementing their sustainability plans.  
The MAMPU sustainability framework constitutes a multidimensional and integrated process, across a number of key pathways, rather than as a set condition or end point. It draws on a systems-based approach and builds upon existing approaches in MAMPU and focuses on foundational elements of sustainability, these include: systems, networks, and engagement for agenda setting.
(1). Systems: Three levels of System building were identified for further support. (i) By supporting systems of knowledge management within MAMPU, accessibility of knowledge on gender equality will be ensured over the long term. (ii) By improving systems of grant management and capacity within MAMPU partners, and convening private sector partnerships, the capacity of MAMPU partners to strategically access financial sources will increase. (iii) By supporting financial models such as a trust fund approach ensures that sustained attention to gender equality issues are maintained over the long-term.  
(2). Networks: Multiple levels of network building were identified for further support. By supporting the development of horizontal networks between organizations and vertical networks (including men) from village to national level CSOs, new actors will become involved in and support the women’s movement, including the private sector, and a younger generation of leadership. Strong partnerships are made and interdependency is developed, partners understand comparative advantages and can work together to address issues. Importantly, these networks extend beyond current MAMPU partners to private sector, non-traditional partners. 
(3). Engagement for Agenda Setting: Three levels of engagement were identified for further support. (i) By supporting CSO engagement with national and sub-national government, and parliamentary actor agendas around women’s empowerment can be identified and an advocacy strategy can be mobilized. (ii) Engagement with a broader set of actors including the private sector in terms of funding opportunities, including CSR/ foundations/ social enterprises will ensure that gender quality agendas continue to be represented; and, (iii) engagement with universities and think tanks develop knowledge and issue-based advocacy agendas. 
MAMPU is now inviting expressions of interest from qualified firms that will be able to provide levels of support to both the program team and its partners. Organizations may choose to address one or all of the 3 areas of MAMPUs Sustainability Framework as described above. The estimated tender amount for this activity will be AUD 300,000.
The pre-requisites for application include:
1. Organization Profile. 
Providing a brief description of the organization, organization structure and proposed key personnel to perform the assignment.
List of project including value undertaken  for the last 3 years
Demonstrate to being Indonesia-based with the necessary documentation
2. Past experience. 
Demonstrate portfolio of work on capacity building for organizational sustainability, change management, fundraising strategies, and knowledge management systems 
3. Provide a 2-3 page written statement on how and in what areas the organization will support implementation of MAMPU's Sustainability Framework. 
MAMPU will evaluate organization’s qualification and capabilities and will send the full scope of work only to those who meet the requirement. 
The interested company should send a letter of Statement of Interest to MAMPU program and attached with the required pre-requisites for application at maximum of 5 pages long.
Statement of Interest must be submitted MAMPU by email to by Friday, 20 July 2018, at 12.00 WIB at the latest
Please put “EOI MAMPU Sustainability Pathway” in the email subject line.
Any questions or request for clarification related to this invitation to EOI could be addressed by email to: Ms. MT. Arsi Nurwaskito, Senior Procurement & Risk Management Officer, Email:

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