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Recruitment Notification: Panel Arrangements for Services (Multiple)

The Australia-Indonesia Partnership for Gender Equality and Woman Empowerment (MAMPU) Program is a joint initiative by the Government of Indonesia (GOI), represented by the National Planning and Development Agency (BAPPENAS), and the Government of Australia, represented by the Department of Fore


MAMPU Website Design and Communication Consultancy

At the beginning of 2018, MAMPU enter its sixth year, with completion scheduled in mid-2020. The Program seeks an experienced, high calibre communications consultancy to provide a range of services.


MAMPU Phase-2 Panel Mid-Year Review

To support the ongoing implementation of the MAMPU Program in collaboration with the national and local partners and stakeholders of the program, CowaterSogema, the Managing Contractor for the MAMPU Program, is seeking to establish standing offer arrangements (or “Panel”) in multiple service categories with both individuals and firms who possess a wide range of skills, capabilities, and areas of expertise. CowaterSogema will use a ‘Panel’ as its preferred sourcing method to support delivery of the MAMPU program to 2020. The new selected Panels will be added to the existing MAMPU Services Standing Offer.


Media Monitoring Resources for MAMPU Partners

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Our library collection focus on women empowerment issues across Indonesia.

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